Thursday, December 15, 2011

Book Review: Quirky Kids Zoo by Pat Brannon

Review By David Broughton

I found no flaws in Quirky Kids Zoo, though I thought it should be Quirky Animals Zoo, since it's the animals that are a bit strange. However, the author pointed out she meant that it's a quirky zoo for kids, so how you read the title makes all the difference. This beautiful full color book was designed to teach young children counting as the story unfolds. Written in lyrical rhyme, it sure is fine. (Yeah, I know, my rhymes aren't that great, but Pat's are!) Generally, rhyming books aren't good, most authors don't know how to make the meter work, but Pat Brannon does. Maybe it's her musical upbringing. Those who know music seem to be able to do beautifully metered rhymes. The illustrations by Jimena Pinto-Kroujiline are perfect for this book. If you have children or grandchildren who are learning to count, get them this moderately priced gem. It'll be fun for you too. Some of the pictures and rhymes will make you laugh out loud. In preparation for reviewing this book, I spoke with the author a number of times, she had me laughing most of the time; she's quite the fun, quirky character. 

When I asked for a quote for this review, here's what she replied:
Wonderful, weird, and wacky should give you clues.
You’re going to have fun before your day is through.
A cow might lick a lollipop or a birddog sing the blues.
You might see most anything at the Quirky Kids’ Zoo.

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