Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Count Down to The New Year with a Great Book Review:

When the Lights Go Out

Author: Max Elliot Anderson

ISBN: 978-1-936695-47-8

Comfort Publishing (

Peyton Aldrich is an Army kid, his father is an Army colonel. Something is top secret, something is always top secret. Peyton finds himself having to move again to a new army base because of top secret stuff  and a job that his dad does to keep the country safe after 911.

Peyton admires his dad, but he and a couple of new friends set off to find their own mission...something to accomplish and that will be meaningful. Little do they realize they will come right in the middle of a terrorist plot. Danger is just around the corner. Will Peyton and his friends expose the evil plan or even stop it? No one wants another 911 but what can Peyton do, and what will his dad think when he finds out?

This is an exciting, realistic, and dramatic story that will appeal to all readers. There is heart pounding action and so much adventure that even the most reluctant reader will keep turning the page. This book is a story for kids, their parents, and those who will never want to forget 911.

You will want to grab this book and also check out the author's website at or his blog at

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