Tuesday, December 27, 2011

December 2011 Educational Post

Once again, here we are at the end of another calendar year.  This time seems to come around faster and faster as the years go by.  The end of the year signals a time of reflection about time that has passed and gives us all a moment to review our routines and make changes where we see they are needed.
There is a lot of talk of “success” in schools and student performance.  Statistics are what they are and many grades and assessments are subjective.  What do you, as a parent or caregiver, consider to be a measure of success?  How do you assess the student success rate for your child?  We are all busy with schedules and taking care of our families and this time of year, in particular, pulls us in so many different directions.  We can use this holiday time to pause, take a moment, and ask ourselves if we think our children are achieving success to the best of their ability. 
Utilize the most important tool we have in our caregiving task; conversation.  Take the time to talk to a child and ask if there is anything they need or want from us that could help in their role as a student.  Maybe they are running low on school supplies in class and need some more pencils or loose leaf paper; perhaps a folder is ripped and could use a replacement or they might feel that we are rushed in helping with homework assignments at the end of our long day.  It might not seem like it is a critical piece in the wheel of student performance; but every little part of the school day is important to a student. Schedules are meant to keep us all on task but they can also keep us moving and miss small moments or pieces of information that can make a difference to a child on his or her path as a successful student.  Find some time this holiday to talk to the children in your life.  In a quiet moment, ask a child if there is anything he or she needs to help make the school day the most successful it can be.  Even if it is just reminding them that you care. What better gift to give this holiday?
Have a wonderful holiday and all the best in the New Year!

Be well,  
Alice Knisley Matthias
Education Writer

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