Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Great Products for Children to Educate and Entertain

Mighty Minds: School Zone Launches Four New

“Super” Flash Action Workbook and Software Sets for 2012

Grand Haven, MI (December 17, 2011) – School Zone Publishing introduces a new way to help young minds take off and soar: Super Workbook and Flash Action Software sets that pair traditional pencil-and-paper learning with high-tech software, toteach essential reading or math skills in a flash!

We’ve combined our award-winning workbook and software formats to offer a dynamic duo that has super value in both learning and fun, providing an ideal balance of teacher-created educational content, creative play and flash action excitement,” says Jonathan Hoffman, President and CEO of School Zone.

The new Super Flash Action Workbook and Software set titles include:

· Super Flash Action Preschool Software & Workbook

· Super Flash Action Kindergarten Software & Workbook

· Super Flash Action Math Made Easy Software & Workbook (Grades 1-2)

· Super Flash Action Reading Made Easy Software & Workbook (Grades 1-2)

Each workbook is designed to teach age-appropriate skills in reading or math with fun-filledexercises and colorful illustrations, as well as build school readiness andconfidence. Workbooks also feature easy tear-out pages for on-the-go learning. The complimentary Flash Action Software helps reinforce newly learned concepts with playful characters, sound effects, bright colors and interactive graphic animation. The software also promotes positive play and even cheers children on to encourage success.

The new Super Flash Action Workbook and Software sets will be available for retail January 2012. Each set will retail for $19.99 at

For more information on all School Zone Publishing products, please visit


School Zone Publishing has been producing children’s educational products for over thirty years. Founded in 1979 by educators, this family-run company is a trusted source for workbooks, flash cards, and educational software. Heralded by parents and teachers as the best educational material, School Zone leads the industry in quality content at affordable prices.

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