Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Guest Post: Top 10 Rules When Reading With Toddlers

Top 10 Rules When Reading With Toddlers 

Reading is a very powerful way to nourish the brain, as it prepares your toddler for kindergarten. It

is known to ease reading disabilities later in life. It inculcates multisensory creative development

and fondness for reading since the early years.

This article discusses the top 10 rules when you read with your toddlers. These are some simple, yet

modern early learning concepts that your child is sure to invariably benefit from.

1. Create an appropriate environment: This is as simple as trying to cook without any ingredients or

learning to play a piano without notes. A child cannot learn enough outside a learning environment.

A bookshelf with some interesting books and a comfy chair in a well lit room is an ideal, peaceful

reading environment.

2. Try to be a role model: Children follow the footsteps of their parents and they actually love doing

it. Just like other activities, reading is no exception. Many successful learners are known to adopt

the worthy habit from their parents. To do it the wise way, read the book for yourself in front of the

child before reading it out to him/her.

3. Read to them: This will be very obvious for the pre-school teachers. Once your child begins

recognizing basic words and then sentences, do not attempt to stop reading books to him/her. This

indirectly discourages and impedes the quick and adoptive learning skills in the child. Remember,

toddlers need encouragement and they love being addressed and cared for. So continue instilling the

essence of good books into your toddler.

4. Revive the concept of “book”: The concept of quality reading merely through a book surrounds

many parents which is only partially true. Quality reading habits develop within the freedom of

creative learning i.e. through maps, diagrams, pictures essays, eBooks and process that allows a

child to learn through a new and engaging way.

5. Seek advice form an expert: Bookshops are magical places for they ensure moments of pleasure

with their beautiful displays of perfectly stacked books. Booksellers are avid readers and will easily

advise you upon the best read for your toddler as per age requirements.

6. Allow the child to read as a routine: Reading require enough practice just as if you had taken up

a sport. Allow your child to read for you as well. Listen to him/her patiently. Practice this regularly.

This will lay the foundation to better public speaking skills in your child.

7. Learning disability: This is very crucial for parents who have children with learning disabilities.

Every child has variable developmental milestones. If your child is a reluctant reader, do not give

up. Read easy and joyful books until your child learns to pace up.

8. Don’t act mature: Do not read out like a mature literary enthusiast to your child. This article

focuses on motivating the child to read. This attitude will fade away the willingness to learn

because a child is truly unable to comprehend the intricacy of your forceful yet mature reading

style. Read out like a child and act as one.

9. Let your toddler surf online: This is the 21st century and there’s so much to learn and do. There

are plenty of motivating and creative ways online that improve and enrich the reading experience.

It is not wise to separate reading from technology these days. Children today are digital natives and

technology is an indispensable element of their lives.

10. Relax and tune-in: If you want to be a better reader for your child, unwind and tune-in into a

more playful, jovial mood. Children love listening to tantalizing examples and quotes. This just

works like an appeal of the forbidden fruit. Read exciting material according to their age.

Mike spends a lot of time with his sons and likes teaching them things like reading. When he is not

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