Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year Goals:

Top 10 Goals for the New Year: Where do you stand with your NewYear's Resolutions?

1. Eat Healthy- including offering healthy choices for the children
2. Spend Less- offer to work as a family team and look to the kids for suggestions
3.Stick to a Budget- balance income with expenses
4. Exercise- include everyone in the family
5. Live simply- get rid of the junk, clean out old toys, donate clothes to the shelter, throw out and get rid of...
6. Be grateful- practicing gratitude can open your heart to more blessings
7. Find one cause to volunteer for this year- at your school, nursing home, hospital, church, library, community center, animal shelter, be open to ideas and follow your heart as you find one place to volunteer this year.
8. Spend more quality time as a family- times are tough and spending quality family time will lessen stress and worry.
9. Read a good book- reading promotes literacy, offers a great example to your children, and offers relaxation and decreases stress
10. Get organized- start small, organize a drawer, a cupboard, a closet. For me it will be my desk first.

What are your goals for 2012? What are your top 10 ideas for making 2012 your best year yet? It may be to go to school, find a new job, organize your finances, become more spiritual. Whatever it is take these last days of 2011 to evaluate where you are as a mom, dad, grandparent, and decide where you want to be in 2012. Happy planning.

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