Friday, December 16, 2011

Online Christmas Cards at Greeting Card Universe

There is still time to order your holiday cards!! It's not too late at Greeting Card Universe!

With the holidays right around the corner, everyone is in holiday shopping mode! While there are many amazing holiday cards to choose from, no other site can offer what Greeting Card Universe can, including time and money saving options as well as cards for the mailman, fireman, babysitter and other cards specific to many people in your life! That said, we would love for you to consider sharing this amazing site with your readers during the holiday season! Here is the scoop..

Greeting Card Universe offers the largest amount of greeting cards on the market! With a customizable selection of over 519,000 cards designed by 4700+ artists from around the world, card-senders won't find any "been there, done that" cards at Greeting Card Universe! What sets Greeting Card Universe apart: Greeting Card Universe has the widest selection of cards with uncommon and niche themes, as well as non-traditional seasonal greetings for any type of recipient or occasion imaginable Greeting Card Universe offers the unique ability to customize EVERY card seen on the site FOR FREE!

Consumers can even ask a card artist to create a completely original card within 48 hours time - absolutely no other paper greeting card store offers this level of customization!

To enhance your coverage, Mindy Rosso, Greeting Card Universe's Co-Founder and Field Expert, can discuss the newest seasonal trends, card etiquette, photo card know-how, timing, and more expert tips for making and sending cards:

It's a Snap: Instead of "insert photo here," Greeting Card Universe's photo cards can be completely customized for an original.

Great Expectations: For or from expecting parents, cards like these make special deliveries!

First Christmas: Newly wedded, new baby or new home, cards can acknowledge special "firsts."

Christmas Birthday: Make someone's Christmas Eve or Christmas Day birthday stand out among the holiday fanfare.

Patriotic: It's your duty to send a red, white and blue-themed card or card designed specifically for military servicemen and servicewomen.

Dream Themes: Holiday cards for the sports fanatic, vocational, gothic style, hobby enthusiast, pet lover, and more

Language: Greeting Card Universe offers thousands of cards to say Happy Holidays in different languages. Don't see your language? Greeting Card Universe will make the change for free

Santa's Next Stop: There's a card for every state and region.

Ethnic: African American, Native American, or another ethnicity, there is a card that reflects the sender or recipient

Special Relationships: In addition to family and friends, wish the piano teacher, pet groomer, postman, pastor, penpal, secret pal, ex-husband or wife, faux family member, school bus driver, or Yoga instructor a very merry holiday.

From Santa!: Give a personalized shout-out to "NAME" from Santa. Kids who can read their name will love these!

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