Thursday, December 1, 2011

Remember December.... It is Christmas Time

It is December 1st and most kids already have made a list of the things they would like to have for Christmas. The holidays may have seemed to come especially fast this year and quicker with each passing year.

Besides the holiday hustle and bustle clamoring for the best prices and the best gadgets for gift giving, try to sprinkle in some other inexpensive holiday fun. Here are some tips for easy holiday activities for kids that are more fun and less stress than shopping can be.
  • Dip large pretzels in melted chocolate and roll them in sprinkles. Easy, a little messy, but oh so much fun for the little ones. And a fairly inexpensive activity for the kitchen. 
  • Easy Christmas tree garland can be made with a 6 foot piece of yarn, string, or clothes line. Add strips of fabric tied around the string. I cut or rip fabric from Christmas prints and old flannel plaid shirts. The strips are 1/2 inch wide and 6 inches long. Use as many as it takes to make your garland full. For a primitive look, space the strips wider apart. Kids can take turns tying the strips, there is no glue or pins, and nothing to break. These pack up from year to year too.
  • Colored paper, scrap book paper, scissors, glue sticks, and some sparkles can turn into beautiful cards for giving. Give to family and friends, donate them to your local nursing home, or attach to a bag of dog treats to donate to the local animal shelter. It is a great lesson for little ones on giving rather than receiving.
  • Pick a few extra canned goods to donate and deliver to the local food pantry. Another lesson for kids on giving and an opening for the conversation about helping when someone is in need.
These are just a few ideas that don't cost much but will get the season off to a fun and festive start. Look for other ideas and recipes in the coming weeks and of course some great book reviews so you can pick a few fun books for those children on your list. Happy December. Ho Ho Ho,

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