Friday, January 20, 2012

Book Review: Diary of My Days in Kenya

Diary of My Days in Kenya

Author: Rachel Yurchisin

Illustrations: Fred Fulcher

ISBN: 978-1-935268-89-5

Halo Publishing

Synopsis: This is a fictional story loosely based on the real life occurrences of a nomadic lioness who nurtures baby oryx as if they were her own. (from the back cover)

The author has take true faccts and fictionalized a great story for children that engages the reader from the first pages. The illustrations are unique and enhance the diary of the fictional character to the point that the reader feels apart of this jouney through Kenya.

I loved the story for several reasons. First, in the animal world it is always facinating to me how they survive. This is just one story to help the reader understand nature and animal behavior. Secondly, this is written by a young author who shows great talent but also great courage in putting herself out there for the reader. And lastly, I love that her grandfather was part of the process supplying the wonderful illustrations that depict a realistic Kenya.

This young author is both talented and an inspiration to her peers. You can read more by visiting

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