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New Tween Series Focuses on Animal Rescue
Written by Award-Winning Authors Lauraine Snelling and Kathleen Damp Wright
Uhrichsville, OH – Coming this March, Lauraine Snelling and Kathleen Damp Wright team up in the S.A.V.E. Squad series with book one, Dog Daze. This brand-new fiction for girls ages 8-to-12 introduces readers to Sunny, Aneta, Vee, and Esther—the S.A.V.E Squad—as they come together to rescue a Basset Hound and form a plan to place stray dogs in “forever homes.”
When sixth-grader Aneta Jasper is reluctantly named one of the winners of the Oakton Founders’ Day poster contest, she and three girls—with nothing in common but their differences—must pull off a successful event for the first-ever Founders’ Day. After rescuing a small Basset Hound they dub Wink, they’re inspired to plan a Founders’ Day Waddle—a fund-raising Basset Hound walk, a doggie fashion show, and a photo contest. But when the mean girls stir up trouble, it’s up to the city council to decide whether the Waddle will waddle at all.
About the Authors
Lauraine Snelling is an award-winning author with over 65 published titles including two horse series for kids. With more than 2 million books in print, Lauraine still finds time to create great stories as she travels around the country to meet readers with her husband and rescued Basset Sir Winston.
Kathleen Damp Wright teaches writing to Christian homeschoolers and can't wait to buy a student's first novel! When she's not dreaming up adventures for her characters, she's riding bikes with her husband, playing pickle ball, and trying to convince her rescued Border Collie that Mom knows best.
Find S.A.V.E. Squad Book 1: Dog Daze and its press materials online at or click on this link:
Publication Information
S.A.V.E. Squad Book 1: Dog Daze by Lauraine Snelling and Kathleen Wright / March 2012 / $5.99 / 160 Pages * Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-61626-560-1
Praise for S.A.V.E. Squad Book 1: Dog Daze
“A dog lover's delight! Dog Daze is loaded with characters you will grow to love and a floppy-eared pooch you won't be able to resist. Filled with twists and turns, this fun mystery left me guessing all the way to the end. Pick up a copy of Dog Daze for a ‘bow-wowzer’ of a great time!”
-Janice Hanna Thompson, author of more than eighty books, including Kate’s Philadelphia Frenzy
Q&A with the Authors
1. Your new S.A.V.E Squad series is about four young girls who try to rescue animals. Do you share the same passion for animals as the characters in your series?
Lauraine: I have had animals all my life. We are on our third and a half Basset Hound, all from rescue. I have no idea through the years how many dogs and cats just showed up at our house and had a home, or how many we have found homes for. When you live in the country, you quickly learn that people dispose of kittens and puppies, along with the adult animals, by dumping them off on the roadside near a farm. This is indeed a sad commentary on life.
2. Did you use any of your childhood memories as inspirations for the series?
Kathleen: I've loved dogs ever since I was little. Our first and only family pet was a puppy adopted from a litter dropped off at a vet. Sandy came to us in second grade, and we had her until I was a senior in college. Those seemingly endless summer vacation came back to mind when writing Dog Daze. School memories in The Great Cat Caper. The second-grade teacher had a clawfoot "Reading Tub" filled with pillows. Us older kids were majorly jealous. The library in my small town was a large part of my life growing up. I read my way out of the children's section and across the lobby to the adult section. Good thing I graduated before I ran out of library. I can't wait to do the research for Second-Hand Horses. Maybe someone will let me ride!
3. In book one, Dog Daze, readers are introduced to all four of the main characters that will be in series. Do you have a favorite of the group?
Kathleen: I feel funny picking one. I would want all of them for friends! If I had to pick one, it's our girl, Sunny. I love her joy in life, her energy, and her easy love for people and animals. She is much like some of my homeschool writing students. Sunny's story is in Second-Hand Horses and I can't wait to see what she gets involved with!
4. Aneta Jasper is the main focus in Dog Daze. What does Aneta contribute to the S.A.V.E. Squad?
Kathleen: Quiet courage. Aneta is tested beyond what she is convinced she can handle and finds out she is more than she knows. Kids will like Aneta because there's not a person who hasn't wondered if they were doing it right.
5. In your new title, the girls all set out to find a forever home for a lost Basset Hound. Are dogs going to be the only animals rescued by the girls or will they encounter a variety of others?
Kathleen: In Book 2, The Great Cat Caper, the girls encounter dumpster cats and what the usual attitude is toward them. The girls are appalled and leap into action, of course. Book 3 is Second-Hand Horsesand isn't written yet, but the girls will. . .yup, you got it—run into horses! The fourth book is still in the brainstorming stage but will for sure be another adventure where the S.A.V.E Squad girls get bounced out of their comfort zone.
6. Is this the first time you two have written a book together?
Lauraine: Yes, but we’ve been coaching each other for years, thus helping us both become better writers and write books that are more exciting.
7. How is writing with another author different from writing solo?
Lauraine: Writing is a pretty solitary thing, but this way we bring the talents of two people together. Cheering each other on and getting excited about the story makes the writing more fun. Also, we like laughing together at the funny things our characters do.
8. What silly adventures will the S.A.V.E. Squad experience as the series continues?
Lauraine: Well, let’s see. Chasing cats that get loose in the library, and. ..oops, how would we know? We haven’t written the last two yet! But you can be sure there will be plenty.

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