Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Super Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things by Cy Tymony

Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things

Author: Cy Tymony

ISBN: 13:978-1-4494-0814-5

Publisher: Andrews-McMeel

Cy Tymony is an amazing inventor. He has used his talent and enthusiasm for science and technology to show the reader useful if sometimes quirky things to do with everyday items.

How about a sneaky light up nail or invisible nail art? Power devices for your plants, turning a penny into a battery, or learning to perform sneaky levitation... the list goes on. Fans of all ages will learn and have fun with his ideas.

I found the book very interesting, and full of ideas that older children can do with minimal assistance from an adult. The book offers ideas for science projects or as lessons that teachers can use for additional  activities to engage the student.  The book is full of ideas to spark the imagination.

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