Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tips for Youth Authors on How to Get Published

Please welcome Children's author Rachel Yurchisin. Today she offers young writers some good advice and tips for becoming published. 

The Inspiration Behind Writing "Diary of My Days in Kenya"
            In fifth grade, Sister Elizabeth, my teacher, gave us an assignment to write a book for our age group. I have always been interested in nature and grew up reading National Geographic magazine, much like the protagonist in my story: Susan Polling. I got her name randomly from the phonebook and the other human characters are names of famous tennis players and friends of mine at the time. The animal characters in my book received their names from Swahili (the main language of Kenya) words that I felt reflected their attitudes and demeanor.  The actual story line I found in the Plain Dealer newspaper. The book took a lot of research for a fifth grader but I got an A+ on the assignment and essentially it was forgotten about until the summer of 2010. My mom was cleaning out some grade school boxes and we found my book once more. We decided to send it in to a publisher, Halo Publishing, and the rest is history.

Tips for Kids Wanting to Become a Published Author
            If you haven’t written anything yet but you want to become an author, I would suggest starting to write about anything that you find interesting. For me in particular- I’ve always found inspiration in nature and past experiences. If you get a spell of “writer’s block” make sure you relax- in most cases there isn’t a deadline and if you relax more than likely you will be able to think of something. If you already have something written that you feel has potential for becoming a published work- send it in as soon as you can! The worst thing that they can do is say no and suggest a few changes. It may make take a few tries but it is definitely worth it once you get the satisfaction of seeing your name on the cover of a book that YOU wrote.

About the author: Rachel Yurchisin’s love of science and nature has inspired her to write her first children’s book in the hopes of passing on her passion to other young ‘budding’ naturalists. Yurchisin is a junior in high school and participates in educational programs at her city zoo and natural history museum.

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