Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Book Review: Against the Tide

Against the Tide

The Valor of Margaret Wilson

17th Century Scottland

Author: Hope Irvin Marston

P & R Publishing

From the back cover: Seventeenth-century Scotland is a place of cruel intolerance for the Covenanters, a people bound together by their loyal faith. A young earnest Covenanter, Margaret Wilson finds her pledged loyalty to Christ and his covenant in opposition to King Charles II's demand for her absoulute obedience. Will Margaret choose to defy teh authorities? Or will devotion to her family, love for her sweetheart, and hopes for future happiness rule her heart?

My review:
The author has done a wonderful job of weaving the facts that can be documented about Scottish history in the seventeenth century into a wonderful story with characters to care about with a  solid Christian based story of good versus evil and right versus wrong.  The plot is complex enough to keep children reading but not overly complicated to overwhelm them as they read the life of Margaret Wilson.

The trials and difficulties the character walks through in  faith gives tribute to her sense of right and wrong and her obedience to Christ. The ending is intense and emotional for the reader who has fallen in love with the character from the first pages. The text is rich in detail and entertains as well as educates the reader on times in the 17th century.

This is an excellent book for readers who can appreciate history written in an engaging storyline. Expect to feel the saddness as well as the triumphs the character experiences and have your tissue ready for the last pages of the life of Margaret Wilson.

Visit: http://www.prpbooks.com/ and http://www.hopeirvinmarston.com/ or http://www.chosendaughters.com/ for more information about the author and her work.

The World of Ink Network will be touring three of award-winning author Hope Irvin Marston books. Her most recent release Eye on the Iditarod: Aisling’s Quest (ISBN: 978-0-89317-071-4) is a biography, but was written as an autobiography. Windward Publishing (An imprint of Finney Company) released the book December 1, 2011. The other two books on tour are My Little Book of Bald Eagles also from Windward Publishing (An imprint of Finney Company) and Against the Tide: The Valor of Margaret Wilson from P & R Publishing.

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