Monday, March 26, 2012

Book Review: Beloved School Horses

Beloved School Horses
Author:  Sharon Miner
ISBN: 0741422255
Retail: $14.94
Rating:  Four Stars
Review by: David Broughton
Beloved School Horses by Sharon Miner is akin to walking into a large jewelry store, there are gems everywhere. This is a book of short stories with one theme, the love of horses by the students and owner of a riding school. Each story stands alone as a shining diamond cut by a master's hand, though in the early version I read, they weren't completely polished, yet they were so beautiful, non-editors wouldn't notice the minor faults. Some of the stories can make you laugh out loud; others may bring a tear to your eye.

This book is marketed as a book for what are commonly called tweens, not quite a teenager but not exactly a small child either. However, I think anyone will enjoy this book, I know I did, and I don't know a whole lot about horses or what goes with them, though I have had some dealings with what horses generally leave behind. When read to younger children they will enjoy it too. By the time you're reading this, a glossary of terms should be added to make it easier for the uninitiated to understand and enjoy the stories. When that's done, I would definitely give Beloved School Horses the full five stars. To put it simply, if you want an uplifting, enjoyable book, that you can read at whatever pace you have time for, get this one. 

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