Friday, March 2, 2012

Book Review: Its Almost Time

Its Almost Time

Author: Debbie Bernstein LaCroix

Illustrator: Sarah Chalek

Publisher: Kane Miller

ISBN: 978-1-935279-85-3

Release: April 2012

It's Almost Time is not a counting book, rather it is a book about clocks. The chimes and the tick ticking of clocks. There are grandfather clocks, kitchen clocks, alarm clocks, chiming clocks and clocks that ding dong.

The beautiful illustrations follow a horse and a blue bird as they go from clock to clock listening to the sounds. It is a fun, read again book that combines the reality of different ways to keep track of time with the repetition of the comforting sounds that come from a clock. Tick Tock. Ding Dong,
The author has done a great job writing text in a book that will engage your child over and over.

Debbie  Bernstein La Croix is an author, mother, wife, and supervisor at Usborne Books. You can visit her website at



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