Friday, March 16, 2012

Book Review: Talking with Trees: Be Proud

Talking With Trees -Be Proud

Author: Colleen Doyle Bryant

Illustrated: Manuela Soriani

Book 1

From the Back Cover: In the Talking with Trees book series, kids learn life lessons from creatures who've watched generations of people grow up. Talking with Trees book is a quiet conversation that takes a challenging character building situation and makes it a worthwhile experience that helps children grow to be good and responsible caring adults.

My Review : This is a charming book for young readers. It brings the adult reader back to childhood to a time we longed to have a tree to talk to us when we felt bad. The old tree has seen generations of children make mistakes and make choices that helped them to grow into wonderful adults. Be proud is one of those times when a young boy first makes a choice that makes him feel bad. The conversation with the tree makes the boy realize the need to make a change and then experiences the feelings of pride at making the change.

Excellent book on character development and one that the reader will return to over and over. Visit for more information.

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