Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finally & Forever: A New Book for Girls

March 2012
Bestselling Author Robin Jones Gunn Returns with the Long-Awaited Fourth and Final Book in the Katie Weldon Series
"Gunn is adept at denuding light fiction of its usual tics - mediocre prose, clich├ęd characters and predictable plots - and imbuing it with the hallmarks of literary fiction."
-Publishers Weekly
Katie Weldon always knew God had an extraordinary plan for her. She just never thought it would involve moving to Africa.
In FINALLY & FOREVER (Zondervan; April 2012, $9.99), the long-awaited fourth and final book in the popular Katie Weldon series, bestselling author Robin Jones Gunn sends Katie off on her most impulsive and unexpected adventure yet.
First introduced to fans as the loyal and quirky best friend in the bestselling Christy Miller Series, Katie has always been spontaneous. So, no one was surprised at the end of Coming Attractions when she decided, on a whim, to join a mission project in Kenya with Eli - her handsome-yet-mystifying classmate from Rancho Corona University.
But when FINALLY & FOREVER begins, Katie finds herself panicking in the tiny airplane restroom, wondering if her desire for excitement has gone too far this time. But since Eli grew up in Africa with his missionary parents, Katie decides to rely on his calm and serene nature as he helps her find balance, faith and patience in this decidedly new environment.
Katie slowly learns to embrace the ups and downs of African living - meeting Eli's parents for the first time, facing a possible life-threatening infection, learning Swahili, tasting ostrich meatballs, and even hugging a giraffe - she finds herself falling head over heels for the culture, and even possibly for Eli.
Engaging and heartwarming, this bittersweet finale to the beloved Katie Weldon series will captivate fans of the previous books and first-time readers.
Gunn packs the final book with romance, drama and action, building up to the most pressing question Katie has ever faced: Is she meant to settle down in Africa with Eli? Or does God have yet another adventure in mind?
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Robin Jones Gunn is a Christy Award-winning, bestselling author of 82 books, including Peculiar Treasures, On a Whim, and the Christy Miller, Sierra Jensen, Christy and Todd: The College Years, Glenbrooke, and Sisterchicks® series, with more than 4 million books sold worldwide. Gunn has earned awards such as the Evangelical Press Association Award, the Mt. Hermon Pacesetter Award, the Lucille Gardner Poetry Scholarship, and the Sherwood E. Wirt Award. She is a member of the Board of Directors for Media Associates International, as well as the Board of Directors for Jerry Jenkins' Christian Writers Guild. Over the past ten years, Gunn has been invited to speak at events around the US and Canada as well as in South America, Africa, Europe and Australia. She and her husband have two grown children and live in Hawaii.

Zondervan, a HarperCollins company, is headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, is a world leader in Christian communications, and is the leading Christian publishing brand. For more than 75 years, Zondervan has delivered transformational Christian experiences through general and academic resources authored by influential leaders and emerging voices and has been honored with more Christian Book Awards than any other publisher.

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