Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Book Review: Adventures of Little Herbert in Mushroomland

Adventures of Little Herbert in Mushroomland

Author: Natasha Guruleva

Mushroomland Series

ISBN: 978-1434-843616

Available as a Kindle version or paperback at Amazon

Natasha Guruleva is an independent writer-filmmaker and she has used her talents as both in this magical story about Herbert. This is a story where every living thing has value including mushrooms. This is the first in a series of delightful fairy-tale stories that demonstrate valuable life lessons on being different and belonging.

The author has created the dolls and the scenes and places them in real nature like settings for the photos in the story. This only adds to the magical appeal of the fairy-tale and children will want to read this over and over.

I appreciate the work and talents of this author as she creates the world for Herbert and I think parents will enjoy the magic behind the lessons. A real treasure to share with a child.

Visit the Mushroomland Series at www.mushroomland.net

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