Sunday, April 1, 2012

Book Review: The Carrot King

The Carrot King
By: Sally O. Lee
Published by: Sally Lee Books; Date: 2012
ISBN: 978-1-1466469839
Price: $12.99
Ages: 4-8
Rating:  5 stars
Reviewed by: Wayne S. Walker

Synopsis:  How can you make a friend by using a carrot?  A young boy lives in a castle high on a hill and has become king of the land after his parents died suddenly when he was little.  However, he really doesn’t want to be king.  He prefers to play with his toys, ride his bicycle, and hunt rocks.  And his favorite food is carrots.  One day while he is out walking along the road and looking for rocks, he meets a young boy about his age and size, but the other boy is wearing tattered pants, with no shoes and, dirt on his face, and a sad look in his eyes because his family is poor.  All they have to eat is potatoes and beans.  The king has never known anyone who had no shoes and wore tattered clothes, so he gives the boy a carrot to eat.  What will happen when the boy invites the king to his house?  And will the boy’s family accept the king’s invitation to visit with him? 

Overall thoughts:  With shades of The Prince and the Pauper, this fairy-tale-like account is a delightfully charming story of friendship.  Many times those who are rich look down upon those who are poor, and in turn the needy despise the wealthy.  Why can’t we all do what these two boys did, looking beyond our economic and social differences, seeing one another simply as fellow human beings with similar needs and hopes, and then trying to help each other?  The Carrot King will assist youngsters in discovering a bigger world and understanding a better path in life.  Oh, and by the way vegetables are good for you, so make sure that you eat your carrots.




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