Saturday, April 14, 2012

Book Review:

Author: Nicole Borgenicht
Illustrator: Lisa M. Giffen
Book: The Kids of Dandelion Township - chapter book for kids

Publisher: Create Space

ISBN Number(s): ISBN-13:978-1466466401 (CreateSpace-Assigned)

The Kids of Dandelion Township is a chapter book about a safe community of families where kids are free to explore. There is a magical zoo where kids can visit the animals and learn that it is not fun to laugh at anothers expense.

There is a school where learning and studying result in an A and where kids long to get good grades.

And there is a magical meadow where children discover that no matter where they came from or what they believe, they are all more alike than they are different.

This is an easy to read chapter book that will engage the reader with it's magic and mystery while showing valuable life lessons on community, loving, and friendship.

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