Thursday, April 19, 2012

Medical Missions: A Family Service

There are so many wonderful services for families but many times the average person has no idea they exist unless it is a service they have required. Grace on Wings is a service that is worthy of sharing with your children and other family members just because it shows the importance of becoming a volunteer.

This video clip is only one minute but it shows several things. It shows a group of Christians with a mission and how they have taken their individual talents or career choices to help another human being. It gives children an "outside of the box" idea of what can be done within a career choice. For example, pilots can have military training as pilots or commercial training.  Nurses can use their nursing skill by caring for patients outside of the hospital setting. Respiratory therapists and paramedics can also use their training to care for these patients during a flight.

This clip also offers an opportunity to talk with your children about those less fortunate or who have been injured or have become ill. Talk about how important family is to recovery and what things a family can do to help others in various situations.

And this clip lets children visualize what it is like to help others. Talk about what it means to volunteer without being paid and why it offers character building.

This group is run totally by volunteers. Donations are made in the form of money, talent, or time. Equipment can be donated, and services outside of the medical arena can also be used. Check out the website for more information about this Christian medical aviation mission. It is an awesome group and a great opportunity to talk with your children about volunteering and about some of the services for families that may be found.

This group is based in Indiana but will fly to all the states. Take the time to investigate other volunteer opportunities and groups in your state and make a plan to pick one for your family to support.

Visit: for more information on medical missions in aviation and why there is a need.

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