Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A YA Book on Depression: Author Anne Tibbets

Childhood depression is a real issue. Look for a review of this book soon. I am sure it is one that parents will want to read before their children do or possibly read together to open the conversation about depression. Chances are your child will know of a student or peer who may suffer from some form of depression so an open discussion will help your child to verbalize how they feel and look at the topic..

SHUT UP- a YA novel.

Author Uses PersonalExperience to Write Book About Childhood Depression

Author Anne Tibbets, the Smashwords.com BestSelling author of YA fantasy The Beast Call, and
co-author of MG time travel adventure The AmuletChronicles, Book One: The Journey Home,
writes a new YA contemporary novel based on herexperiences with childhood depression.

Agoura Hills, CA, April23, 2012 -- Author Anne Tibbets knows a thing or two about
depression. As a younggirl Anne suffered through an undiagnosed bout with depression when
her family experiencedsome painful times, which included unemployment, losing their home,
and her teenagedsister's unplanned pregnancy and subsequent marriage to a sexual predator.

"It wasn't anybody'sfault nobody noticed. We were all suffering," Anne says, who now boasts a
healthy relationshipwith all members of her immediate family. "It's very common for the children's
emotional needs to get lost in the shuffle."

Using her personal experience, and a "good dose of fiction," Anne Tibbets, a Smashwords.com
Best Selling author of the Young Adult Fantasy The Beast Calland co-author of Middle Grade
adventure The Amulet Chronicles, Book One: The JourneyHome, departs from her customary
comfort zone of swordfights and time travel to delve into a deeper issue, so close to her heart.

"It took three years towrite. I'd work for a few weeks and find myself so depressed, I'd have to
put it away for a monthor two before I could stomach it again. It was rough, but was a story I
had to tell. For myself,and all the other kids out there like Mary," Anne says.
ShutUp follows twelve-year-old Mary, who suffers from depression while dealing with
unwanted sexual advances from her soon-to-be brother-in-law, physical abuse from her
over wrought mother, and emotional abuse from her pregnant teenage sister. Mary's depression
eventually leads to her running away from home and plans of suicide.
"It's about finding your way through all the chaos around you, and being okay with who you are,
despite what everybody else is telling you. Such an important thing to learn! I've gotten just as
many positive responses from parents of teens as I have from the kids. It's a book for everyone."

About the book:
Shut Up by Anne Tibbets
ISBN: 978-1937957360
Publisher: Premier Digital Publishing
Date of publish:February 28, 2012
Pages: 118
S.R.P.: $9.99

About the author:
Anne Tibbets is a children's screenwriter, with such credits as BLAKE HOLSEY HIGH for
NBC/Discovery Kids, andTHE ZACH FILES, for ABC Family.  Anne is also an SCBWI award-
winner, and theSmashwords.com Best Selling author of Young Adult Fantasy THE BEAST
CALL.  Anne alsoco-authored the Middle Grade time travel adventure THE AMULET
CHRONICLES, BOOK ONE:THE JOURNEY HOME, and lives in the Los Angeles area with
her family and many pets.  For more information about Anne, visit her website, at
www.AnneTibbets.com or her blog at http://WriteforCoffee.blogspot.com



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