Monday, May 21, 2012

The Benefits of Blog Hops

There are so many cool benefits from cruising over to a few of the blogs on a Blog Hop.

For parents it is a golden opportunity to see first hand what books and videos are out there for children of all ages. Blog hops can offer exposure to the characters that your children come home from school talking about and give you insight into wholesome and educational gift ideas for holidays and birthdays. Kids will learn to trust your judgement on books, games, or products if they know you are in the know.

Grandparents can be the hippest grandparents on the block by learning about current trends in books for kids. Some of the blogs give chances for great give aways including books by award  winning children's authors or vendors for products for children. And who wouldn't want to win a neat book or prize.

Authors can gain huge benefits from visiting Blog hops offered by other authors, publishers, or parents who spend hours searching for great products to feature. Networking, commenting, and learning about what subjects and characters kids love will give any author a step up when creating their own stories.

Blog hops do not have to be time consuming. Pick two or three to visit each day. Limit the time you spend on visiting the blogs so that you are not avoiding tasks or writing of your own. Visit, make comments, and leave your contact email or link to your blog or product too. Others reading your comments might be led to check out your space. Remember that blog hops can be a safe alternative for shopping and learning about kids literature and the hosts spend much time making certain that your experience is fun and entertaining.

Blog hops can be fun, educational, and an inspiration for both those who write for kids and those who purchase products and books for kids. It is a win- win for everyone. Join in on one today and comment on the benefits you discover.


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