Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Book For Teens that Parents Should Read by author Tanya J. Peterson

Writing for teens and finding books for teens that will engage them must include realistic life situations and characters. Losing Elizabeth promises to be this kind of book. Because of the problems facing youth today and the dramatic complex story, parents could benefit from reading this book too. It will open the discussion with your teen about what may be happening in their life or their school and with their friends. Look for a review here soon. In the mean time, here is current information about this book for teen readers.

Teenager faces abuse, self-identity issues in dramatic novel addressing
problems youth face today

Losing Elizabeth by Tanya J. Peterson displays the importance of relationships in high school
and how they can affect a teenager's psyche

Eugene,OR - May 8, 2012 - Tanya J. Peterson's close work with adolescents throughout her
career showed her how important relationships are to teens in a time where they a relearning who
theytruly are. In Losing Elizabeth, Peterson uses the knowledge she gained fromher students to
write the story of a teenager who loses herself in the name of love and in an emotionally and
mentally consuming relationship.

Losing Elizabeth speaks to teenagers in that the young adult novel understands and addresses the
peer pressure and developmental issues that surrounds them. Peterson says her book isn't like
other typical young adult novels that vaguely brush the surface of what teenagers go through and
the teenage experience.

"It addresses the very core of their life experience, which is learning to engagein meaningful
relationshipsat the same time as an independent sense of self is developing," Peterson says.
"LosingElizabeth reaches the young adult reader deep inside her heart and souland speaks not
onlyto what she likes, but to who she is and what she is becoming."

Elizabeth,a junior in high school begins dating Brad, a senior, and as their relationship blossoms
and progresses she begins to lose her family, friends and everything important toher. As love
cloudsher mind, Elizabeth begins to face emotional and physical abuse at the hands of her
boyfriend,forcing her to find the strength to rediscover herself.

Losing Elizabeth tackles the growing and often ignored issue of abuse in adolescent
relationships.Peterson hopes her book will create a discussion about the dangers of toxic
relationships among young readers.

About the book:

Losing Elizabeth by Tanya J. Peterson
ISBN: 978-1468188288
Publisher: CreateSpace
Date of publish: April25, 2012
Pages: 154
S.R.P.: $6.99

About the author:

TanyaJ. Peterson has a bachelor's from Northern State University and a master's fromSouth
DakotaState University. She has taught high school in South Dakota for 10 years andvolunteers.
Petersoncurrently lives with her family in Oregon, where she teaches in a school forhomeless
andrunaway youth.



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