Monday, May 7, 2012

Book Review: Farewell, Grandpa Elephant

Title: Farewell, Grandpa Elephant- What Happens When a Loved One Dies?

Author: Isabel Abedi

Illustrations: Miriam Cordes

Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing

Imprint: Sky Pony Press

ISBN: 978-1-616086558

Pages: 28

May 2012

From the website: Grandpa Elephant knows that it is his time to go. The young elephants are confused, but soon learn that grandpa will live on in their thoughts and dreams.

Helping young children deal with death is a difficult subject. Farewell, Grandpa Elephant is a good place to start talking to young children about death even before the time comes in the child's life. This book is in terms that children can understand and if offers parents a great place to start the conversation about death with their child.

The illustrations are beautiful and enhance the warm and tender story. Parents will appreciate the gentle way the topic of death of a loved one is handled in this new picture book. It will make a perfect gift for a child who has experienced such a loss.

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