Monday, May 14, 2012

Book Review: Hippopposites- A lesson for kids


ISBN: 978-1-4197-0151-1

Appleseed- An Imprint of Abrams


Author: Janik Coat

Pictures: Janik Coat

Janik Coat is a French graphic designer with a new approach to learning opposites for young readers in her international book debut.

Ms. Coat uses bright striking pictures and a wide vocabulary to show what opposites mean. Words that are sometimes difficult to explain to young children are clearly shown with the graphics in this board book, for example clear/blurry. This book is an excellent example of show, don't tell for those who love picture books.

The bright simple pictures woven with die-cuts and tactile elements make this a charming book for young children learning to grasp the concept of opposites.

 The depth of the content should not be overlooked for those who want to write for young children either. This book is a great example of writing tight, showing and not telling, and using few words to teach children life lessons. Ms Coat does this in 34 words using a vocabulary that is beyond that of a toddler yet has lessons on small, large- empty, full- soft, rough.

I found the book facinating yet quirky from an author perspective and fun for kids. You can find it at Amazon or your local bookstores. For more information on the publisher check out

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