Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Book Review: Waves of Light

Waves Of Light From the Sadie's Sketchbook Series


Author Noami Kinsman Downing

ISBN: 978-0310-72666-1

Tween Readers

Released: May 2012

The newest story finds Sadie grappling with her faith. Her friend has moved away and a new girl in town has taken her other friends away or so it seems. Sadie's mom has a health problem that only seems to get worse and then a flash flood comes and seems to destroy everything including Sadie's faith. What do bad things happen?

Waves of Light is an awesome third book in the Zondervan series for tween girls. The characters including Sadie are empowered to change and grow in their faith and as young women and learn to make positive live choices.

It is refreshing for parents and students to find books like this series that offers girls positive role models, positive solutions to everyday problems, and addresses realistic emotions that girls this age are going through.

Excellent book and one that keeps the reader turning the page and longing to be in the same neighborhood.

Read more about the books at www.sadies-sketchbook.com

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