Friday, May 25, 2012

Coming of Age Novel- New Release

New Coming of Age Novel -- Overcoming Dislocation, Dysfunction and
Distance. Parents may want to grab a copy and read it with their teen or before they give it to a pre-teen. It will open up much discussion and offer a great way to communicate with

Every forty seconds a child goes missing in America.Almost half of child abductions
involve parents settling a custody dispute by takingmatters into their own hands. What
happens to those children? What's it like to bekidnapped, not once, but twice, by your
own parents? In his latest novel, LATITUDES -A Story of Coming Home, acclaimed
author Anthony Caplan sets out to answer thosequestions. Using material from his own
childhood, Caplan explores the territory betweeninnocence and adult consciousness, the
years when for so many there are no words todescribe emotional trauma.

Henniker, NH, May22, 2012 - Acclaimed independent author Anthony Caplan
announces the forthcoming releaseof his new novel, LATITUDES - A Story of Coming
Home, published by HopeMountain Press. Available June 30, 2012 in all major
bookstores and in e-book formats, LATITUDESis the story of a boy overcoming a
childhood of parental kidnappings,emotional trauma and cultural dislocation. With the
help of friends, teachers andsports, he learns to heal.

"I wanted to show that survivorsare not just people who have overcome obvious abuse,
but also the victims of emotionaltrauma that are underreported in our society, especially
as divorce rates have climbed,"said Caplan, explaining his motivations for writing the

Will Kogan and his three sistersare torn between their parents living in different
countries, their father in Venezuelaand their mother in the United States. When their
father remarries, they learn toadapt to Venezuelan social mores. Later, installed in an
exclusive Eastern boarding school,Will reconnects with his mother living in New York
City and begins the slow processof learning the truth about his family and his place in
the world.

LATITUDES sheds light onthe shadow world and human costs of international child
abductions. It also reveals theheart wisdom of forgiveness and the redemptive quality of
friendship in a story that willappeal to readers of all ages.

About the book:

LATITUDES - A Story of ComingHome by Anthony Caplan
ISBN: 978-0-9815166-3-9
Publisher: Hope Mountain Press
Date of publish: June 30, 2012
Pages: 224
S.R.P.: $8.99

About the author:

Anthony Caplan is a writer, teacher and homesteaderliving in northern New England. He
has worked at various times as a shrimp fisherman,environmental activist, journalist,
taxi-driver, builder, window-washer, and telemarketer.His road novels, BIRDMAN and
FRENCH POND ROAD, trace the meanderings of one BillyKagan, a footloose soul
striving after sanity and love in the last years of thelast century

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