Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ideas for Mom on Her Special Day

Mother's Day is this weekend and sometimes it can be difficult to find just the right gift. Consider that a gift doesn't always need to be expensive to express your appreciation and love. Time can be more valuable than money. Here are some ideas that are not expensive but may take your time. Use your creative side to make your gift to your mom special.

  • Spend the day helping mom to weed her garden. Do some of the hard labor that can save her doing the task.
  • Make her  breakfast or lunch. Let her have a whole day of making no meals for others.
  • Spend time watching mom's favorite movie at home.
  • Take a walk alone with mom and have a real conversation.
  • Ask mom about her mother ( your grandmother) and what it was like being a young girl.
  • Listen
  • Make a handmade card with your own message.
  • Say thank you. Whether you get along well with your mom or not does not negate the fact that she had you. Be grateful.
  • Phone if you live far away and talk, really talk.
Gifts are always appreciated by a mom but time spent with their children especially as they grow older is always the best gift. Hugs and drawings from young children are meaningful gifts and the thoughtfulness of older children is priceless. And it is always

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