Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mother's Day is Coming

Mother's Day... a one day reminder of all the things that our mothers do to make life better for us. Children may not realize the importance of mom while they are young, they only understand mommy is there when they are hungry or sick. But older children are wise enough to appreciate what mom does and how things can unravel if mom is not around.

One of the best gifts a mom can do for herself this Mother's day  is to honour her dreams. In doing so, she becomes the woman she was meant to be and can then be more fully what her children or partner need.

Today is the best time to start following those dreams, or at the very least to acknowledge that the dreams exist. Are you artistic? Do you love music? Are you a business minded woman or have an inkling to do a mission in your neighborhood?

May is the perfect time to start dreaming again. Get a journal and begin recording your thoughts and dreams. See where they take you. And if you are looking for a Mother's Day gift for a mom with dreams, here are some suggestions.

If mom loves gardening, give a book on the subject, a flat of flowers, a new gardening tool, or fancy new gardening gloves.

If mom loves reading, give her a new romance novel, mystery, an E- book reader, or a book on the subject she most loves.

If mom loves crafting, give a kit, book, or new supplies towards her craft.

If mom loves writing, give her a journal to capture her thoughts, a book on writing, or several of the new editions of writing magazines that can be found at the book store.

If mom loves taking pictures, give her a



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