Friday, May 4, 2012

Starlette Universe: Book Review

Starlette Universe

Author: Kathy Johnson

Illustrations: Dick Kulpa

ISBN: 978- 0-615611778

Pages: 62

Tween/Teen Fantasy-Fiction-


Author Kathy Johnson is an attorney, pageant mom, and freelance writer who has created Starlette Universe as a sort of Sci-fi fantasy universe where the characters deal with good versus evil while learning character development and positive female empowerment.

The concept is great, the characters are quirky, and there is even a pet or two. The text is written in verse or sort of rhyme that doesn't always rhyme but the reader will love the unique and colorful way the book is presented.

Illustrator Dick Kulpa adds his twist with the cartoon like drawings making me think comic book for girls, not a bad concept. The text is a different color for every paragraph and what might be distracting for adult readers will most likely keep tween and teens engaged and turning the page. The book looks similar to their doodle like writing with colorful gel pens.

As a reviewer I think the book has great potential for catching on and filling a niche in the tween-teen market for the shear fun of the story and the characters. As a parent, as long as it is wholesome and entertaining, I am thrilled when children read, after all it is not like other popular books and characters are not from a fantasy made up universe too.

This first book in the series combines some diva, evil, goody goody, and athletic characteristics into six young characters that readers will find fun and spunky. Grab more information at the website: . I wish the author the best of luck with this series for girls

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