Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Reading Ideas

I love summer reading . Summer is such a great time to read books just for fun.

Books for summer reading come in all kinds of topics and all kinds of genres. Fun books,  books that help you hone your reading, spelling, and learning skills, and books that take you on adventures that you could never have in real life.

Local libraries often have reading contests or summer reading programs that include crafts, field trips, or guest speakers. Librarians are a great resource for good summer adventures or mysteries appropriate for a specific age child or reading level.

Picture books for younger children, toddler books for little ones, or chapter books for older kids are all choices that parents can make to help kids understand the fun that books can bring. The other good news about reading books from the library besides the variety are that ideas and topics are endless and the library is free. In this economy that is a win win for parents who want to find entertainment for kids that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Visit a new country, investigate a famous person in history, or go on a fantasy or science fiction adventure. Whatever you choose, you can find it in a good book. Visit your local library or book store this week to beat summer boredom.

Other reading ideas:

  • Challenge your siblings to see who can read the most books by August 1st.
  • Ask mom or dad if they would donate a dollar for every book you read and donate it to a children's charity at the end of summer.
  • Collect used children's books from your neighbors and donate them to a women's shelter.
  • Read several books for your reading level and then write a similar book yourself. Draw your own illustrations.
  • Read a book on a new hobby or craft and teach yourself how to do it.
  • Visit the website of your favorite author and learn how they find their ideas.
Reading is a skill that you can use in so many fun ways this summer and it can all start with a good book. Happy reading.



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