Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Safety Tips

Summer fun is so exciting but with it comes safety concerns that you don't have in the winter. The heat of the summer sun can in itself cause sunburn so your first safety tip of course includes skin care.

1. Use sunscreen. Use it no matter your age. Use waterproof sunscreen if you are swimming or boating. And use it often.

The heat of the sun and the humidity can also cause concern for heat stroke and over heating. Safety to prevent this type of illness includes providing cooling methods and hydration.

2. Prevent dehydration by offering children frequent drinks. Water, Popsicles, and low sugary drinks are best. Avoid carbonated and caffeine drinks as those can add to dehydration. Take breaks in the air conditioning often and sit in the shade when possible. The elderly need just as much protection from the heat as do our young children so watch out for those who are older who may be out in the heat especially at family functions. Seek medical attention for anyone who becomes confused for no reason or who becomes faint due to the heat.

Near drownings increase during the summer months when family pools are open and families spend time at nearby lakes and ponds.  The major safety tip when it comes to preventing these accidents is to be diligent with children around pools and water.

3. Keep gates locked and ladders up when not using the pool. Toddlers and young children are not afraid of the water and don't remember when told about the danger. It is essential to be diligent when owning a pool or taking young children around water. Don't over look the dangers of teens that may be too confident around water. Lakes with undertows can be equally dangerous to older children who know how to swim as pools to younger children.

Burns are another high incident accident that can be preventable. Grills, campfires, and fireworks are the major source of burns in both children and adults during the summer.

4. Prevent burns by keeping children away from hot grills. Use precaution when around the camp fire. Keep blankets away from the fire and have children use proper roasting sticks that keep them far enough from the coals to toast a good marshmallow but keep them from burning fingers or face. And supervise any sparklers that older children use. Fireworks should be done by an adult in a safe area away from small children.

Summer is fun and offers so many opportunities to gather and entertain as a family. Don't let a lack of concern for safety keep your family in harms way. Follow a few safety rules and tips for a fun and active summer for you and your children.

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