Thursday, July 12, 2012

Press Release: New Adventure Book for Kids

( July 11, 2012 -- Like most children, Boochi Malloochi loves adventure, and living near the ocean gives Boochi even more reason to believe in adventure--she thinks there is buried treasure somewhere beneath the sand on the beach where she plays. Armed with her trusty bucket and shovel, Boochi sets out to find the perfect spot to dig up pirate treasure!
Dancing With Bear Publishing Children's LineDancing With Bear Publishing Children's Line
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This wonderful tale of adventure and mystery is the perfect combination to tempt any child into believing there's buried treasure out there somewhere... maybe even in their own back yard! Author Sal Corrente has set into motion a series of adventures with Boochi Malloochi that kids of all ages will read and re-read while impatiently waiting for the next edition.

The drive to the beach wasn’t far but today, it felt like forever to Boochi. She couldn’t wait to get her shovel in the sand.
“Daddy, are you taking the long way to the beach?”
“No. Why do you ask, Boochi?”
“’Cause it seems so long.”
“You’re just excited to look for treasure, that’s all.” Daddy looked at her in the rearview mirror.
“We’ll be there soon, honey,” Mommy said, looking back at Boochi.
Finally, she looked out the front windshield, and she could see water in the distance.
“We’re here, hooray!” She bounced up and down in the back seat.
“Yay,” Daddy said and found a parking place.
When the car stopped, Boochi shoved her dolls, bucket, shovel, and towel into her bag. “Let’s go. Let’s go,” she said impatiently.
Daddy went around to open Boochi’s door, instead, he smiled at her through the window. “Are you ready?” He asked, teasing her.
“Hello!” she shouted. “Can you open the door, please?” Boochi begged, while jerking on the door handle. “Please, Daddy?”
When he finally opened the door, she jumped out. “Very funny, Daddy,” she said, and grabbed his hand. “Now, let’s go.” She pulled him toward the gate. “Mommy can you carry this for me?” Boochi asked. “I have to hold my Daddy’s hand, you know.”

Available now from Dancing With Bear Publishing, you won't want to miss being one of the first to own book one in the Boochi Malloochi series.

The Adventures of Boochi Malloochi: The Hunt for Treasure is the first book in this wonderful series, and is available at and click on Books for Little Paws.

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  1. This book is OUTSTANDING!!! Boochi is very playful and adventureous and this series is really going to go places. I can't wait to read the next one!



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