Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tips on Moving with Kids

Relocation is often a choice, but sometimes it is a necessity. How can you make a stressful situation like moving less stressful for children?

1. Include kids in the discussion early on when it will include moving and relocating to a new community. Age appropriate language and a positive attitude will help children to learn that a change is coming and that you will all work together as a family to make it fun.

2. Plan ahead as much as possible. Start early sorting and organizing closets, children's belongings, and toys. Allow children to assist in making choices about which toys are important to keep and which ones can be given away or donated to a women's shelter or church. Planning ahead and doing sorting chores early allows you to spend time with your children talking about your new adventure. It also helps to avoid throwing things into a box right before you load it in a truck.

3. Say no to other outside activities or other obligations that add stress to your busy weeks before the move. Spend time with family and friends with special celebrations of friendship before the move. Make sure your children have addresses and contact information for important friends and family so they can remain close after the move.

4. Spend some time investigating your new community. Most places have a website or online presence where you can start your adventure especially if the new home will be too far to travel before the move.

5. Have your kids create a time capsule to bury in your old backyard with messages for the new owners and maybe a picture of how the yard looks when you live there. Then make another or a small photo album of all the fun times you have spent at your present address. Help them make a list of things they want to accomplish at their new school and their new community, ie: join a church youth group, sign up for a sport, find the library.

Moving is hard both emotionally and physically. It is a trying time mixed with laughter but also with tears for both adults and kids. Make sure your children are included in the process and that as parents you recognize their fears about a new place even if they are not able to verbalize it. Talk with them often and be positive about the good aspects of this move. Encouraging your children during a relocation will help them to make a healthy adjustment to their new home.


  1. Moving is a very stressful experience for everyone whether it is related to any age group. It is more difficult to move with kids as they can’t understand what is going on. One of the best ways to make the moving stress free pre planning is more important. Convey your children everything before move. It will help them to make their mind for moving and help them to get adjusted in a new location. Other than this you have given the good points towards making moving an easy process.

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