Friday, August 10, 2012

TIme for School

It is time for school to start soon. How do you get back into the swing of school, stay on a budget when getting kids clothing and supplies, and be ready for the first week when it is still summer like outside? For many parents it can be a challenge. Here are a few tips.

  • Plan ahead for breakfast quick meals and snacks so kids get a good start each morning.
  • Make lunches ahead of time or have single dollars handy for those who decide at the last minute to take a hot lunch provided by the school.
  • Give each child especially those over age 10 a budget for clothing. Kids ten and over can get an appreciation for what clothing costs and can make better choices when they have a budget to keep in mind. Leave room in the budget for supplies, undies, and things that are necesary but not as much fun to buy as new clothes.
  • Start getting ready for school by earlier bedtimes and setting an alarm for the mornings. It is much easier that first week if kids are somewhat in the habit of early to bed early to rise.
  • Begin the homework routine the very first day of school. If kids don't have homework, it is a great time to start a half hour of free reading and nuture their love for books.
  • Have children pick their clothing out the night before to avoid a mad rush in the morning. Have back packs ready and belongings together in one place so things don't get forgotten and children can be to school on time.
These tips will help you get organized for the first week of school. Setting those guidelines will help children to stay on track and be more responsible making the new school year get off to a great start.


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