Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back to School, Welcome Fall

It is well into the back to school routine and kids are feeling the fall nip in the air as they head off to the classroom this September. It can be difficult to keep kids motivated to do well in school when the sun is shining and there is so much to do including homework, dinner, sports, and playing with friends. Here are a few ideas to help balance the beautiful fall weather, school, and helping your child to excel.

1. Don't over schedule them. Let kids pick one or two activities that are age appropriate but avoid letting them do everything possible. Over scheduling kids puts them at risk for fatigue, poor school performance, and not enjoying the activity at all.

2. Plan for family time. During the busy week it sometimes feels impossible to have family time so schedule it on the calendar like every other activity. Avoid waiting for the weekend because weekends can be overly busy too.

3. Encourage regular outside exercise and recreation. Children do better with school work if they also get to do something fun and relaxing.

4. Encourage regular meal times including breakfast. A good breakfast helps to start the day off with the fuel that kids need to do well in school.

5. Help kids to have a regular bedtime. Children need more sleep than they think they do so it is important for parents to encourage regular bedtimes and the correct amount of sleep.

These tips are suggestions to keep kids feeling their best and to offer a balance between work and play. When kids feel good and have activities that they enjoy without being stressed or over-scheduled, they will perform better in school. Balance is the key  to health and learning and can lead to a more peaceful and successful start to the fall semester no matter what grade your child is in.

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