Friday, November 30, 2012

Book Review: The Magic Christmas Carpet: 25th Anniversary Edition

Product Details 
The Magic Christmas Carpet: 25th Anniversary Edition
By: K. K. Corner and Sharon L. Richert
Published by:  Tex Ware Publishing; Date: 2012
ISBN: 978-1478349815
Price: $15.99
Ages: 4-8
Rating:  5 stars
Reviewed by: Wayne S. Walker

Synopsis: Where would you go if you had a magic carpet that could take you anywhere?  Brian lives in a cozy house on the snowy and wintry edges of the midnight sun exactly one horizon away from the North Pole with his parents and his dog Sir Jeffery which is old and nearly blind in both eyes.  He is a fortunate boy because his home is Santa’s first stop on Christmas Eve.  In fact, every year, two nights before Christmas, Santa’s elves warm up the restless reindeer above nearby housetops, and Brian has heard them prancing on his roof, but he has never been quick enough to catch them.
However, for the past two years, Brian has been able to climb on the slippery roof and collect glistening strands of reindeer hair, which he keeps in a matchbox under his pillow.  On Christmas Eve, the matchbox suddenly begins to glow, and when Brian reaches for it, it starts to soar around the bedroom, so he decides to use his mother’s darning needle to weave the strands of reindeer hair into the folds of a scatter rug.  The rug can fly!  It also tells him that it will take him anywhere he wants to go on Christmas Eve.  Brian determines to go to Spectacle Valley to get a pair of glasses for Sir Jeffery.  However, on the way, they pass by Pirate’s Gold Creek where he fills his pockets with bright yellow nuggets, but he will ultimately have to choose between keeping something for himself and getting the dog glasses.  What will he do? 
Overall thoughts:  This charming story by author K. K. Corner, which was first published as a Christmas feature for the Nordstrom stores of the Pacific Northwest in 1987, helps youngsters to understand better and truly appreciate the spirit of giving which we associate with the Christmas holidays.  This 25th Anniversary Edition of the classic tale has full-page, colorful, eye-catching artwork by illustrator Sharon L. Richert.  Corner, who is the grandfather of eight, has been writing children’s stories for over 25 years, and his previously published books include Mee-Ander the Gander, Jaw-Jaw the Donkey, and The Gawky Giraffe, each with illustrations by Richert.  Also, he has been a consultant to game developers, and one of his most successful projects helped launch the popular game Pictionary.  The Magic Christmas Carpet deserves to become a Christmas reading tradition.

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