Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Baking

It is that time of year, baking those favorite treats for the holidays. How can you make it a fun and healthy time during such a busy season? Here are a couple of ideas to make recipes healthy and to include the kids in the project.

  • Substitute applesauce for half of the margarine in most recipes to decrease the fat intake and to keep the moisture in the baked goods. Use 1/2 cup of applesauce for 1/2 cup margarine.
  • Give yourself permission to use packaged frosting to decorate the cupcakes and cookies on your menu. Packaged frosting can be colored with food coloring and is ready made decreasing one thing on your to do list.
  • Give up on perfect and let the kids join in on the decorating fun. Yes, kids are messy but they will be making memories.
  • Use low fat cream cheese or sour cream in your favorite dips. It decreases the calorie intake and with the seasoning your guest will never know.
  • Five calorie drink packs with a diet lemon flavored soda make a quick punch. Mix one package to one eight ounce soda and pour over ice. Add a lemon or lime wedge, a slice of orange or strawberry and you have a festive low calorie holiday beverage.
  • Buy pre- cut veggies and cheese squares for your trays. It might cost a few pennies more in cash but saves time and stress during a busy season. It also makes an easy way to put together a last minute food tray for unexpected guests.
Holiday time can be stressful but with a few quick tips, you can sit back and enjoy the season without the guilt of too many calories or not enough time. Happy holidays.

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