Saturday, December 1, 2012

Introducting: Kid's Imagination Train

Kid's Imagination Train

All aboard the Kid’s Imagination Train!  KIT was created to promote writers and to encourage children to read.  As an extra bonus, children will have the opportunity to illustrate their favorite stories.  Designed for ages 5 -12, KIT offers book reviews and fiction and nonfiction by writers all over the world.

The Kid's Imagination Train accepts fiction and nonfiction from writers 18 years and older. Suggested topics for writers include: science, nature, animals, technology, history, astronomy, sports, world cultures, adventure, health, and volunteering.

All submissions should use Times New Roman 12 point font and have the author name, email, phone number, word count and date of submission on the upper right-hand corner of the first page of the manuscript. Fiction should be double-spaced.  Nonfiction submissions should be single-spaced and double-spaced between paragraphs. The articles must be reviewed by an expert and include a bibliography. The bibliography must be formatted according to The Chicago Manual of Style and should have at least five current sources. Two reliable Internet sources may be used. Submissions should run about 500 words. Check for spelling and grammatical errors before submitting. Texts can be pasted to an email or attached as a Word doc. with the subject reading: KIT, genre, title, author's last name to:

Children ages 5 – 12 may choose a story or an article that they’d like to illustrate. Original drawings need to be at least 4” x 4” or up to 8 ½” x 11” in size. Drawings can be scanned as jpegs using a medium quality setting or photographed using a digital camera or phone. Be sure to have good lighting because KIT will not be able to publish pictures that are too light, too dark, or fuzzy. Send a copy of the drawing with the subject reading: KIT illustration, title of story or article, artist's name to

Each month, KIT will publish one fiction story, one nonfiction article, and one book review. We plan to publish more stories and articles per month in the near future.  Illustrations will be added to stories and articles in the order in which they have been received.

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