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Book Review: Malcolm Finney Medical Detective Series: The Case of…Itch and Rash

Malcolm Finney Medical Detective - The Case of... Itch and Rash 
Malcolm Finney Medical Detective Series: The Case of…Itch and Rash
By: Erika Kimble and Laurel Winters
Published by:  Bandages and Boo-Boos Press; Date: 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9859508-0-4
Price: $14:95
Ages: 6-11
Rating:  5 stars
Reviewed by: Wayne S. Walker

Synopsis: Have you ever had an itchy rash and wondered what caused it?  Malcolm Finney is a fourth-grade boy.  His father is an inventor at the Science Museum, and his mother is a doctor.  Some people might think that Malcolm is a little weird because he has so much medical knowledge, but he’s definitely the kid you want nearby when a health emergency arises.  One day he saves his new neighbor Carlita, whose dad just happens to be the new curator at the Science Museum, from a swarm of angry bees.  As he is de-stinging her, he finds a red, itchy rash on her arms.  Is it just the bee stings?  Is it poison ivy?  Is it flea bites?  Is it an allergy?  Is it her asthma?  Or is it something worse?
 Overall thoughts:  Follow Malcolm and Carlita as together they do a little detective work to make this medical mystery…history.  Author Erika Kimble is a Registered Nurse with a Master’s in Family Practice as a Nurse Practitioner.  Kids are always curious about their own bodies and any differences they might see in others.  The Malcolm Finney book series was developed to address this curiosity.  It has been created for a child who can read and is beginning to ask and understand “Why?”  The story is told in a combination of narrative text and conversation bubbles, with eye-catching, full-color drawings by illustrator Laurel Winters, all of which will capture youngsters’ attention and keep their interest.  In the back there are a glossary of words, suggestions on how to keep skin healthy, and resources for further study.  If you or someone you know has a skin disorder, you will find The Case of…Itch and Rash very helpful.

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