Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Book Review: The Spy Game

What happens when you end up with a dog you don’t want and only stares?

About the Book:
Eddie would love to have a puppy to play with. A puppy would pull on a rope. Catch a ball and lick your face. But his Uncle brings Eddie an older dog named after a famous spy. What can you do with an old dog? It probably couldn't learn new tricks and the only thing this dog did was stare. It's what they find to do together that makes them the best of friends!

Overall Thoughts:
The core story is well done in teaching children subtly about friendship, not judging others and trust. I do suggest advance readers or an adult read the story with younger readers and the author does say this is a "Read-a-long" story. Very true as some of the concepts will need to be talked about for younger kids to understand some parts of the story.

The conflict is subtle and not face paced. The illustrations clearly help younger readers understand the overall storyline and make for a great teaching tool in letting them tell you what they feel is happening in the story.

Publisher: Book Garden Publisher, LLC
ISBN: 978-0-98186-144-9
Publication Date: August 2012

Places available for sale: Amazon, B&N

About the Author: 
J.D. Holiday is the author and illustrator of four children's books. Picture books: JANOOSE THE GOOSE, THE SPY GAME, and Matt Shelley's Halloween Misadventure with Award-winning author, Christy Condoleo, and the chapter book for 6 to 8 year olds, THE GREAT SNOWBALL ESCAPADE. J.D. Holiday is a co-host on It's Story
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