Saturday, March 9, 2013

Night Buddies Adventures Contest & Book Lovers Blog Hop

Calling all Night Buddies Adventurers! Author Sands Hetherington is writing his third book in the Night Buddies Adventures chapter book series for kids and would like your help in getting John and Crosley started on their next Adventure After Lights-Out. 

Crosley is looking for new words to add to his expansive vocabulary and he needs your help. Just come up with a new expression and its meaning for Crosley Speak! See the list of Uncommon Words for inspiration. And who knows? The winning words could end up in Book Three of the Night Buddies Adventures series. Excelsior! 

In order to be eligible you will need to . . . 

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Do you need some help with ideas on what Crosley Speak is? Check out this list of words to get your brain gears turning.

If you haven’t discovered the Night Buddies Adventures series of chapter books yet, that’s okay! Let us tell you a bit about them and you can join us on this exciting “program”—that’s Night Buddies speak for adventure.
The first book in the Night Buddies Adventures series, Night Buddies and the Pineapple Cheesecake Scare, is about the nighttime adventures of a young boy named John, who is not ready to go to sleep, and his friend, a bright red crocodile named Crosley who turns up under John’s bed. 
They sneak out of John’s house using Crosley’s “I-ain’t-here-doodad” which makes them invisible to John’s parents. Then they embark on an adventure chasing down enemies and cleaning up one mess after another as they solve the earthshaking mystery: who stole all the pineapple cheesecakes from the only factory in the world that makes them! 

Night Buddies, Impostors, and One Far-Out Flying Machine, the second book in the Night Buddies Adventures series, has a ton of mischief going on all over the Borough, done by a red crocodile and causing confusion and hard feelings everywhere. It’s up to John to help prove Crosley isn’t the red crocodile behind this madness. 

Make friends and enter to win some fabulous prizes! 

Winner #1 will receive a $25 Amazon gift card and signed copies of both titles in these Adventures After Lights-Out escapades.
Winner #2 will receive signed copies of both titles in these Adventures After Light-Out escapades.
Winner #3 will receive a copy of Night Buddies, Impostors, and One Far-Out Flying Machine.
Winner #4 will receive a copy of Night Buddies and the Pineapple Cheesecake Scare.
Winner #5 will receive eBooks of both titles in these Adventures After Lights-Out escapades.

Want to let all your friends know how to join the Night Buddies Adventures? All you have to do is post the Book Lovers Blog Hop below to your blog. Promote the Book Lovers Hop and the Night Buddies Adventures contest on any social network. Tweet it once a day, share it on Facebook and then follow back others who leave you a comment.

The Night Buddies Adventures series of chapter books is juvenile fiction (much like the Captain Underpants series) for ages 7 and up.

Places where the Nights Buddies books are available for sale:,, and in all fine bookstores.
(Dune Buggy Press titles are distributed by Delphi Distribution and are set up with wholesalers Ingram and Baker & Taylor.)

You can find out more about Author Sands Hetherington, Illustrator Jessica Love, and the Night Buddies series World of Ink Author/Book Tour at

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  1. I hope to get this for my daughters.

    1. Be sure to post your NEW word for Crosley with its meaning to enter the contest.

  2. Jolly Jigs! (Meaning - Doing a happy dance)

  3. Zurganzoit!!!--Let's eat!!!



  4. Quiggenzoofle?-- What's up?

    Thanks! Mara

    1. Mara, you are a winner. Can you please email us at vsgrenier AT gmail DOT com.

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