Monday, August 19, 2013

Book Review: The OWL Who Couldn't WHOO

Title of Book: The Owl Who Couldn’t WHOO
Author: LeeAnna Kail
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Twitter: @LA_Kail
Publisher: Halo Publishing, Int.
ISBN Number(s): 978-1-61244-129-0
Genre of Book: Children’s picture book

“Join Ollie on his adventure in searching for his sister and learning the significance of being different.”

About the Book:
Ollie is known for one thing in his village: he is the only owl who cannot “WHOO.” The other owls tease him for saying “WHEERE!” or “WHEEN!” or “WHYY!” and sometimes “WHAAT!” All Ollie wants is to fit in, but when his little sister gets lost in the woods, Ollie discovers he can help.

While providing insightful perspectives on diversity, The OWL Who Couldn’t WHOO offers educators, libraries, parents and young readers a fresh new look on anti-bullying and self-confidence.

Overall Thoughts:
This cute picture book will help children struggling with speech and self-esteem. There is also the underlying theme about not being a bullying and getting along with those different from you. Kids will learn always look for their uniqueness and to have the courage to be who they truly are, regardless what everyone else thinks.
Amy Rottinger’s illustrations are playful and sweet. They help kids, especially those who are learning to read, to see the story vividly. Parents and teachers can use Ms. Kail’s story to help children celebrate their differences and see that being different isn’t something to be afraid of or to worry about. We highly recommend it for young readers. The Owl Who Couldn’t Whoo is both entertaining and educational.

About the Author: 
Ever since LeeAnna Kail was little, she had an interest in writing. In fact, when she was in the fourth grade, she completed a career project and dressed as an author with dreams of writing her own book one day.
LeeAnna attended Duquesne University with a double major in political science and English with intentions of attending law school after graduation. While studying abroad in Rome, Italy, LeeAnna had a change of heart and decided to continue her education at Duquesne studying elementary education instead. She knew she found her niche the first day of class. Inspired by an assignment from a children’s literature course, LeeAnna's dream of writing a book has come true.

LeeAnna currently teaches in Pittsburgh and hopes to be an inspiration to her students to follow their dreams.

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