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Interview with Debut Children's Author Maryann Tatro

MaryAnn Tatro attended Southern Ohio Business College and received a degree in Office Administration and Communication. She also attended Cooper School of Art for one year and took with her a love to create, design and color. She worked several years for a publishing company in Cleveland while raising her son Ryan.

Tatro grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, but her heart is in the country. She currently lives in Wadsworth, Ohio with her husband Dennis of 20 years and their cat. She and her husband enjoy nature walks, antiques, yard sales and being with family.

Tell us about your current book. Give a short summary. (You can follow this up with any points you hope readers will take away with them)
MILTON THE SQUARE SHELL TURTLE is of course, about a turtle, but unlike
other turtles, Milton is a little different in appearance.  One day he decides to take
a walk to the pond to relax.  Just when he thinks he finds the perfect spot, he can’t
stay.  Not wanting to cause a problem with the other pond animals, he soon discovers
home is the best place to relax.

(My point to my story is we are all different and unique.  Milton does stick up for
himself, but he also knows there are other ways around a situation without causing
more of a situation, and like me, after a busy day, I can’t wait to come home and plop
on my couch.  Home is the best place to relax.)

Can you tell us about your publisher and how the process worked in getting published?
I had my book published with Halo Publishing International.  I submitted my story
through their website and shortly after a representative contacted me.  If the story
passes the review, your representative will then walk you through each step(one
at a time).  They were very professional and I truly enjoyed the experience of the
entire process.  I recommend self-publishing for anyone starting out wanting to be
an author.

How did you get the idea for this book?
The idea for my book came to me a few years ago when I heard some disappointing
news about a certain project my son was involved in twenty eight years earlier.
He painted a turtle on a 10x10 tile that I thought would be disposed of, so I wanted to
keep the memory alive in a book and that’s how Milton was born.

What is a typical writing day like for you?
It’s very quiet.  I don’t sit at my computer and write every day, but when an idea or
a good story line pops in my head, I will it down and come back to it later, adding
more ideas.  I keep a notebook and pen in every room of the house, yes, including the
bathroom.  For some reason, my best ideas are born around 2-3 in the morning.
Go figure!!!!

What do you enjoy most about writing?
Being creative and allowing my imagination to run free.

What is the most difficult part of writing?
Writers block and NOT being able to put into words what I want to write.  Sometimes
I have difficulty arranging words and sentences.  Everything has to be perfect before
I call it a story.  I will write and rewrite many times over until I feel my work is

How has publishing a book changed your life?
I don’t feel any different or think I’m better than anyone else.  I do however have a
great feeling of accomplishment seeing my name on a piece I wrote.  Now that I
am proud of.

What are your plans now?
I have a few more Milton stories I would like to publish and after that, I have other
children’s stories in mind.  I keep them all in my journal.  I won’t stop writing.

What is your best tip for aspiring authors?
GO FOR IT!! Make your dream a reality.  Whether your book is published or not,
never give up.  When one door closes, another will open.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readership? (Here you can share about characters, historical facts, setting or whatever else you would like our readers to know about your book.)
I would like your readers to know that my book(s) are very children friendly and do
leave a good positive message.  I’m a mother and grandmother and I wouldn’t have
it any other way.  In this day and age of technology and where anything goes, a good
message will leave a good impression.

Do you have a website? If so, please give the URL. If not, where can readers go online to learn more about your book(s) and to order?
Readers can go to Halo Publishing’s website, click on authors and order on line and know more about me...

I’m also available on google and amazon.

World of Ink Author/Book Tour at

Thank you,
MaryAnn Tatro

Title: Milton the Square Shell Turtle
Author: MaryAnn Tatro
Illustrator: Diane Lucas
Publisher: Halo Publishing, Int.
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
ISBN: 978-1-61244-103-1
Publication Date: June 2013

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