Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Book Review: Milton the Square Shell Turtle

Milton the Square Shelled Turtle

Author: Maryann Tatro

Illustrations: Diane Lucas

Publisher: Halo Publishing 2013

Picture Book/Juvenile fiction

ISBN: 978-1-61244-106-1

Milton, the turtle with the square shell is trying to find a comfortable place to relax and snooze. But everywhere he goes he finds that others don't want him around because of his square shell and because he is different. It makes them scared.  What is a turtle to do?

Milton the Square Shell Turtle is a fun picture book that helps young readers understand what it feels like to be different. The illustrations are engaging and the story grabs the reader immediately. The reader cares what happens to the turtle with the square shell and they will be quite surprised at the cute twist at the end of the story. The author has done a great job of telling a good story that will also open the discussion with parents about those with special needs or those that are different.

It is rare that a story both entertains and has a lesson woven into the text that can be a life-long take away for the reader.

Visit www.halopublishing.com for more information about the author and her book about Milton.

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