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Interview with Author S. Jenny Boyer

Ms. Boyer is a retired nurse, an Infection Control Practitioner, whose world changed dramatically when she let the words swirling inside her escape to paper. Her story of her beloved cat, how he came to live with her later in his life and the lessons she learned from him, changed her life for the better.

Tell us about your current book. Give a short summary.
The book is about the life of a wonderful tabby cat whose zest for living helped him meet and overcome the challenges he faced. T appeared I am sure by divine guidance, in my yard somewhere in the second half of his 20+ years. As I wrote of our time together, I was amazed at all the life lessons he reinforced for others and me. These lessons alone became one of the reasons that I felt compelled to finish and then publish his story. Daily T reminded me that the most important of life's lesson are very simple. It is we who complicate things, and miss out on obvious blessings. Things like baking in the sun, sipping water from a leaf cup, or a stroll through the woods can enrich a day that might otherwise be taken for granted.

The following are some of the lessons T reinforced in my life:


      LET HIM WORK.  





Can you tell us about your publisher and how the process worked in getting published?
Without a doubt, my late start in writing influenced my decision to self publish. I wanted to experience holding in my hands the words I felt I had been led to write. HALO Publishing International was recommended by a friend. I felt a smaller publisher would be able to give me more personal guidance since this was my first experience publishing a book. I interviewed with the CEO of HALO, Lisa Umina, and compared their information packet to several others found on the internet. Her enthusiasm and the name of the company helped determine my decision. The author has to do a lot of the finishing work herself, but Lisa and her staff were always there when I had questions.

How did you get the idea for this book?
SpecialT was the favorite of the many pets I had had over the years. I loved all of our pets, but T played my heart like a fined tuned instrument, each note simple and pure. I needed to write his song to me, thus his story. For years, I had kept notes about different things I thought I would like to write about. The majority ended up being about SpecialT.

What is a typical writing day like for you?
Each day is different. I am retired so I can be very flexible. I always start about 4-5 AM, when the house is quiet after my husband leaves for work. The writing can extend anywhere from 2-8 hours depending on my progress.

What do you enjoy most about writing?
Being productive, putting words together to tell my story at a time many people are just beginning to wake up. Obviously, I am a morning person, and as soon as my eyes open, I am ready to go.

What is the most difficult part of writing?
Believing in myself. For months, I did not tell anyone I was writing a book. Finally, I started reading bits and pieces to my family and they were very encouraging.

How has publishing a book changed your life?
My previous career was in the medical field. For 40 years, I was a nurse. Today I am meeting so many people from different walks of life that I would never have come in contact with without publishing the book.

If your book is based on true events, how has that affected those around you or why made you choose to use historical events?
Most are amazed at the depth of my feelings for SpecialT, and that I even had the inclination to write them down.

What are your plans now?
I plan to spend the next several months marketing this book. I will then publish a collection of 14 short stories about little creatures and the lessons they can teach us.

What is your best tip for aspiring authors?
Don't be afraid of your own words. Write them down. Not everyone will like them, but that is OK.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readership? (Here you can share about characters, historical facts, setting or whatever else you would like our readers to know about your book.)
The story about SpecialT has especially touched cat lovers. Many have expressed to me how their cats also taught them lessons, or reinforced good principles of living, just by being themselves. There is also the story within the story of T's life, before he came to me, that reveals God had a plan for this cat's life.

The book is written for individual or family reading.

Do you have a website? If so, please give the URL. If not, where can readers go online to learn more about your book(s) and to order?
Readers can find me on Facebook, and the book is available on line on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and from HALO Publishing International. I can be contacted by email to arrange for a signed copy.

The World of Ink Network is touring debut author Jenny Boyer’s riveting inspirational memoir, SpecialT in October and November 2013.

The author's desire is to inspire others to appreciate how God uses animals, sometimes very wise and wonderful ones like SpecialT, to enrich our lives if we only open our hearts and minds to the lessons they can teach us, just by being themselves.

You can find out more about Jenny Boyer, her book and World of Ink Author/Book Tour at

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