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Book Review - Gluten-Free Me: Beckmin Goes to School by Christy E. Bykowski

“Beckmin Goes to School” is Bykowski’s first children’s book and was inspired by her middle son Beckmin, who was diagnosed with celiac disease at 18 months, after extensive sickness and a series of hospital visits. Since then, Christy has worked with Beckmin through the everyday challenges of being a kid with this disease, dealing with his frustrations and his own learning curve as to what celiac disease is, how to explain it and what it means in his day-to-day life. Beckmin’s stories, written to help children define, understand and explain celiac disease, are meant to be both empowering and educational for kids and their parents. 

Title of Book: Gluten-Free Me, Beckmin Goes to School  
Author: Christy E. Bykowski                    
Publisher: Halo Publishing, Int.
ISBN Number: ISBN 13: 978-1-61244-228-0
Genre: Children
Publication Date: January 2014

Synopsis of book: “Beckmin goes to School” is meant to raise awareness for celiac disease and the everyday challenges children with celiac disease face in their otherwise normal activities.  As diagnosis of celiac disease increases, education, awareness, and understanding will be the keys to making celiac kids feel normal and included. Written for children to help them express and understand celiac disease, the book is a wonderful tool for children and adults alike.

Overall Thoughts: We like this book for a few reasons. Besides being a great book for celiac disease awareness, kids also can relate to the book as Beckmin is going off to school for the first-time and starting kindergarten. He has to make new friends, while also explaining why he can't share certain foods with them.

We love the how lessons of sharing, making friends, having a positive attitude and not letting people who don't understand bully you are all wrapped into this picture book. Beckmin, who is based of the author's son, is a wonderful character for children. He shows kindness, patients and much more as he goes about his first day of school and explaining his allergy to those around him.

The other thing about this book is it helps adults understand celiac disease is more than a food allergy for some people. Those who have never known someone with celiac disease will learn it can affect everything in a child's life from the types of glue they can use to foods they eat.

At the back of the book the author shares a short informative explanation of celiac disease and the importance of being gluten-free.

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Twitter URL: @christybyk

Author Bio: Christy E. Bykowski is an award-winning public relations and marketing practitioner, as well as a wife and mother. She lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio, with her husband, Benjamin, raising their three boys and spreading awareness about celiac disease and the need for a gluten-free environment for individuals diagnosed with celiac disease.

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