Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Book Review - When the Monsters are Quiet

1st grade reading level children's book. Phonemic awareness and reading comprehension strategies are in the back of the book so parents can get their kiddos star readers!

Title of Book: When the Monsters are Quiet  
Author: Alicia Lloyd                    
Publisher: Halo Publishing, Int.
ISBN Number: ISBN 13: 978-1-61244-219-8
Genre: Children
Publication Date: January 2014
Page count: 25
Price: $11.95

Synopsis of book: This friendly book is a fun way children can start to become proficient readers by reading about one of their biggest worries- bedtime! This book is a reminder to never be afraid of your monsters and has helpful hints for parents to help their children by exploring with early reading strategies at home.  

Overall Thoughts: We love this picture book for many reasons. Of course adding the educational guide at the back of the book only added to our reasons why this book is a must have on all bookshelves. This is not only a simple and fun bedtime story for parents to read with their little ones, but yearly readers will be able to enjoy this story on their own as well. Not quite ready readers can use the pictures to make up their own story if an adult isn't able to sit down to read the text and the stories these young minds can come up with based on those illustrations is boundless. 

We also like this book for kids who are struggle with speech. The guide in the back helps these children continue to work on speech skills. 

Places available for sale: Halo, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Author Bio: Alicia Lloyd is a senior at West Chester University of Pennsylvania and is working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Grades Preparation (PK-4) and Special Education. She has a strong passion for working with children and loves to write! Alicia lives in Oxford, Pennsylvania surrounded by her wonderful friends and family. 

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