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The Stories for Children Show - Bringing Authors and Readers Together

The Stories for Children show is on the last Monday of every month. Each month we try and bring you some of the new, best-selling and award-winning authors of the children's and young adult writing world not only to share their work, but some of their favorite books in the genre as well.

This month hosts Virginis S Grenier, mom's choice and award-winning author, and Author, screenwriter,Marsha Casper Cook will be joined by book reviewers and bloggers to share their insight on what makes a good book, how to start your own summber book club and their favorite summer reading choices.

Their guests will be:
Margaret Fieland, an avivid reader and also author of poems and books from YA to Children's Lit. You may visit her website,; Brenda Priddy, book reviewer and blogger of Daily Mayo; and Barbara Bockman, book reviewer, blogger of Stories a la Mode and author.

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Debut title in award-winning chapter book series

Two all-American kids who befriend a runaway puppy, witness a hot rod crash, confront a terrifying disease, and find courage when they need it most.
Perry Cover
Take a blast to the past in author C. A. Hartnell’s exciting, fast-paced, historical fiction book for readers eight and up. Scary Spring: Our Polio Fright of 1955 is the first title out of four in the new four-part chapter book series titled "The 1950s Adventures of Pete and Carol Ann" inspired by actual events from Hartnell's childhood.

In the debut book, readers meet eleven-year-old Carol Ann and her friend Pete, who leads her on exciting adventures straight out of the 1950s. Among other adventures, the two eleven-year-olds befriend a runaway puppy and spy on its owner, "mean, old Mr. Chester," confront their fears about vaccinations, witness a hot rod crash, find themselves face to face with the ravaging affects of polio, and more. The result is a wholesome, exciting, and poignant glimpse of life in the 1950s.

Hartnell is uniquely qualified to write about polio because several relatives had polio and other relatives were doctors who worked on the polio vaccine and were friends of the Jonas Salk family.

She comments, "I decided to combine my personal connection to this disease with historical fiction, which is my favorite reading material. Friendship, fun, adventure, mystery, and courage fill the pages of this book."

Hartnell's four-book chapter book series, "The 1950s Adventures of Pete and Carol Ann," won the 2013 Mom’s Choice Award – Silver Award for California. The debut book in the series, Scary Spring: Our Polio Fright of 1955, won the 2013 Moonbeam Children's eBook Awards – Bronze Award.

The other books in the series are Sinister Summer: Cars, Cruisers, and Close CallsFerocious Fall: Our Wild Weather Escapes, and Wild Winter: Christmas, Clues, and Crooks. For more information or to request media commentary, email or visit

AUTHOR: C. A. Hartnell spent her grammar school years in El Monte, California, home of American Legion Stadium, where rock 'n' roll and cool cars thrived and multiplied. She's the proud owner of Hawk's Ride, a 1937 Ford Slantback hot rod with a chopped-top and painted flames. Hartnell is a board member of Big Hearts for Little Hearts Loma Linda Guild at Loma Linda University Children's Hospital in Southern California and has authored five activity books for them. She's written articles for the Guild's newsletter and the hospital's TODAY in-house newspaper. She also sits on the foundation board of Opportunity Village, Las Vegas, Nevada, and has compiled an activity book for them. She lives with her husband in the Southwest United States and has four grown children who have blessed her with twelve grandchildren.

Scary Spring: Our Polio Fright of 1955 by C.A. Hartnell
Hawk Prints Publishing
Category: Juvenile Fiction, History
SoftCover: 978-0985543303, $8.99
eBook: 978-0985543365, $1.99
Availability:,, Lightning Source, Ingram,, iBookstore, Sony, Kobo, Copia, Gardner’s, eBookPie, and eSentral

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cover Reveal: Children’s book about an Australian farmer’s busy morning

Farmers Clare and Kurt Bickers of Western Australia have simultaneously published their first book and kicked off their new company, In the process, they’ve begun fulfilling their vision of creating profits to be reinvested into green projects that will help address climate change and improve the lives of the very kids reading their books. 
 Bickers Cover
In their colorfully illustrated debut title "Farmer George’s Busy Morning," kids ages three through seven will delight in seeing just how Farmer George spends a typically busy morning on his farm in Irwin, Western Australia. The story follows Farmer George and his two dogs, Evie and Lilly, as they see to the needs of the numerous animals – fourteen different types, in all – who depend upon them.

From collecting a basketful of duck eggs to feeding a trio of orphaned babies (a calf, a lamb, and a kid) to making sure the alpacas are keeping the lambs safe from foxes, this humorous, educational, and entertaining book shows readers just how busy a farmer’s day truly is and also how taking good care of the farm means taking good care of the environment.

The book concludes with a page of photographs of the real Farmer George hard at work at some of his daily chores, the real Evie and Lilly close by his side. It also contains two black and white pages that kids can color plus a series of questions and answers about farm life, such as "Why are frogs important," "Why do the dogs have three tails in the book?", and "Why does Farmer George drive around the paddocks and check the stock?"

Clare comments, "Kurt and I thought, ‘Why not write a children's book about our farm for kids to enjoy and incorporate a green initiative at the same time?’ From the profits of our book sales, we would like to create carbon credits and a clean energy future to be achieved through planting trees, with other clean energy future investments to follow."

"My girls love your book! So many quirky little questions come up each and every time we read it. I'm no 'country farm girl' so cheers for the questions and answers at the back! You may have to think about writing a next book as my girls are curious as to what Farmer George does after morning jobs, morning tea and biscuits?" ~ Bianca O'Malley, teacher, St. Lawrence's Primary School, Geraldton, Western Australia

AUTHOR:  Clare Bickers is a mother of two, a stepmum of one, director of (and every other job below director that Kurt doesn’t do), and co-author of the children’s book "Farmer George's Busy Morning." She is also a traveler and Kurt's wife and best friend. Kurt Bickers is a father of three, a farmer, a qualified Master Mariner, an offshore oil and gas worker, and co-author and illustrator of "Farmer George's Busy Morning." He is also a video producer, photographer, and artistic director for 

Farmer George’s Busy Morning
 Authors: Clare and Kurt Bickers
 Illustrator: Kurt Bickers
Category: Illustrated Children’s Books; Hard Cover: 978-0987384409
 32 pages, $15.00
 eBook: 978-0987384430, $3.00

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10 Money-saving Tips for Families

We found a great little post for families written by on HowStuffWorks this weekend and thought we would share it here with you. If you're looking for some tips to help get those budgets in check now the New Year is here and Tax Season is coming to an end, you may want to check these tips out to see if your family budget matches up.
This piggy bank knows how to save and still have a good time. How about your family?

Saving money is difficult enough when you're only responsible for yourself. Heck, it's hard to save money even when your mother is doing your laundry and your dad is mowing your lawn, making you just barely responsible for yourself.

Adding a family into the mix makes pinching pennies even trickier. From grocery shopping to finding a pair of pants that will fit your youngsters for more than three weeks, it would be fair to assume that your wallet seems to be leaking.

But for every one thing you have to spend money on, there are at least two tricks for making your purchase cheaper -- or free. Read on to find out how your own home can start saving you money.


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